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I need professional help February 14, 2008

After scaring the crap out of myself by going on the net and turning into a webochondriac, I decided to seek professional help.

Over the last year or so, I had complained to my primary care doctor about having problems conceiving, or my Infertile Myrtle Disorder* (*not an actual disorder to anyone except me).  At my age I had to have been actively trying to get pregnant before fertility issues would be brought up.  I’m an impatient person, so a year seemed like forever to me (I think it seems like forever to any woman who desperately wants to have a baby).

The advice the doc gave me over that year was to relax and “just let things happen.”  After a pregnancy-free year I got a referral to my OB-GYN.

At my appointment I was given the obligatory pelvic exam.  Nothing seemed obviously wrong to the doc, such as a missing uterus or something, so she started to question me on my history.  Other than that my period was very irregular and that some months when I would use fertility test kits I would never get a positive result, there was nothing that jumped out to the doctor.

It was decided that I should take a common fertility drug called Clomid for three months or until I conceived, whichever came first.  I left the OB’s office feeling confused and sad, which is a bit worse than I usually feel when leaving the gyno, but not much.

Once I got home and talked things over with my husband, we decided that if we were going to be taking such active steps towards becoming pregnant, that we wanted a specialist to review everything.  I got a referral for an endocrinologist in my area and made an appointment for six weeks later at which time the fun REALLY began.


4 Responses to “I need professional help”

  1. katarinajellybeana Says:

    It’s funny how many of us end up walking out of that same appointment wondering why they didn’t believe us.

    I’m glad you were so proactive!

    (PS–emailed Mel to add you to the blog rolls…I said you fit in “pregnancy after infertility,” but I wasn’t sure that was the right place for you…you can email her to get it changed) 🙂

  2. greg Says:

    May I suggest too (just in case the RE doesn’t) that your husband have his sperm count checked early in the process–certainly before they put you on drugs? The extra expense is not that great–and the test is much less stressful than fertility drugs.

    (BTW, if the RE does not suggest it, then it may be worth finding another.)

  3. katarinajellybeana Says:

    Ooh, and Momliss–I tagged you…if you’d like to participate. Link on my blog… 🙂

  4. Rachel Says:

    Hey, I just started reading your blog. Definitely go to a RE. These drugs have serious side effects, and you don’t want to be taking one just because it might work. You want to be sure that it has a really good chance of working in any given month.

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