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I need professional help February 14, 2008

After scaring the crap out of myself by going on the net and turning into a webochondriac, I decided to seek professional help.

Over the last year or so, I had complained to my primary care doctor about having problems conceiving, or my Infertile Myrtle Disorder* (*not an actual disorder to anyone except me).  At my age I had to have been actively trying to get pregnant before fertility issues would be brought up.  I’m an impatient person, so a year seemed like forever to me (I think it seems like forever to any woman who desperately wants to have a baby).

The advice the doc gave me over that year was to relax and “just let things happen.”  After a pregnancy-free year I got a referral to my OB-GYN.

At my appointment I was given the obligatory pelvic exam.  Nothing seemed obviously wrong to the doc, such as a missing uterus or something, so she started to question me on my history.  Other than that my period was very irregular and that some months when I would use fertility test kits I would never get a positive result, there was nothing that jumped out to the doctor.

It was decided that I should take a common fertility drug called Clomid for three months or until I conceived, whichever came first.  I left the OB’s office feeling confused and sad, which is a bit worse than I usually feel when leaving the gyno, but not much.

Once I got home and talked things over with my husband, we decided that if we were going to be taking such active steps towards becoming pregnant, that we wanted a specialist to review everything.  I got a referral for an endocrinologist in my area and made an appointment for six weeks later at which time the fun REALLY began.